10 unique company benefits to add to your job offering today

Attracting talent to your work at your company can be challenging. It will come as no surprise to hear that today, employees are looking for more than just a good salary. They want to work for a company that offers them more unique benefits that excite and inspire them, as well as support their career development goals and a good work-life balance.

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Here, the experts at Zoom Recruitment examine 10 unique company benefits you could add to your job offering today to help engage candidates and motivate them to apply. 

1. Remote working

Allowing your employees to work remotely (when possible) should definitely be considered – in fact, in this current climate, it’s often expected by job seekers. Employees with young children or pets may find it especially beneficial. 

If you don’t want to commit to 100 per cent remote working, then why not explore flexible working options? Allow employees to work remotely some of the week, or on pre-agreed days, instead.

2. Home office budgets

If you do offer remote working, you may want to consider giving employees a yearly budget to upgrade their offices with new equipment to ensure they have everything they need to be productive in their home office.

3. Discounts on phone or internet plans

Remote workers rely on good internet speeds and mobile phones to stay connected. You may want to consider subsidising their internet and phone plans, so they have higher internet speeds and better mobile phone plans. 

4. Longer maternity and paternity leave

Extending maternity and paternity leave for employees can help them take the time they need after having a child without the worry of having to return to work immediately. This gives employees more time to adjust to parenthood so they are ready for work when they return.

5. Make the workplace dog friendly

This one will depend on your industry, but many offices now allow employees to bring their dogs to work. Allowing dogs in the workplace can make the office a fun and welcoming atmosphere. You may want to have select days that employees can bring their dogs in or have an open policy that allows them all the time. 

6. Offer discounts or free subscriptions

Offering discounts or free subscriptions for services such as gym memberships or wellbeing apps can help employees create a better work-life balance. It can also help support their mental wellbeing and general health.

7. Provide development opportunities 

Offering training programs and development opportunities can help employees feel supported in their career journey. It also demonstrates that you want them to be with you for a long time and are willing to invest in their progression, which can help with staff retention.

8. Mental health days

Focussing on the mental health of your employees should be a priority. Offering employees paid mental health days can be an excellent way to promote better wellbeing.

For example, you may offer up to six days per year when employees can call in and take a mental health day – a day in which they can focus on and nurture their wellbeing – without counting it as a sick day. Introducing initiatives like this also demonstrates your commitment as an employer to your employees’ mental health.

9. Free lunches on a Friday

A free Friday lunch is a great way to unite the team. It shows your employees you care and allows them to interact with one another in a more informal setting. You could head to the local restaurant or order lunch to the office.

10. Help with childcare and travel expenses 

As these are two of the biggest expenses most employees face, consider offering help. This could be in the form of a monthly budget to help ease the burden of these expenses, or perhaps you have the facilities to provide in-house childcare. 

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