5 ways to make your business stand out over your hiring competitor

Attracting and recruiting top talent in such a competitive landscape can be a challenge. It’s crucial that you find the right people for your business – ones that are a good fit with your company culture, and not just those qualified for the role.

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Here, the hiring experts at Zoom Recruitment explore some of the ways you can help propel your business to the front and stand out over your hiring competitors. 

1. Refine your employer brand 

Today’s candidates are looking for more than just a good salary. While salary is still important, candidates also want to know that the company they will work for aligns with their values and beliefs and is, above all else, ethical. 

Make sure your brand values are at the forefront of your career pages. Consider adding testimonials or a ‘day-in-the-life’ video to your website to help candidates visualise themselves working for you. 

2. Know who your competitors are

Be clear on who your competitors are to help you devise a stand-out strategy. Look to see how they are approaching recruitment and identify any gaps that you could fill to help make you more attractive to candidates. 

It’s also worth asking candidates for feedback. If you lose a candidate to a competitor, ask them why they chose the other business over yours so you can learn from it and make changes for the future. 

3. Streamline the application process

Nothing turns a candidate off quicker than a long, drawn-out application process. Keep it simple and keep it short. Review your application process and see if all the parts are absolutely necessary, ask existing employees for their feedback and look at the ways you can improve it. 

Doing so will help improve the candidate experience and could help your business stand out over your hiring competitor.

4. Improve your employee value proposition

While your employer brand can help align your business with candidates and attract them, your employee value proposition (EVP) can help close the deal and give you a strategic edge in recruitment. 

The pillars of a great EVP include: 

Company culture: What is life like at your company? How do you support employees and ensure effective communication? 

Work-life balance: This may include flexible working hours or a hybrid working model, as well as extra holidays. 

Recognition and reward: How does your business recognise and reward its employees?

Professional development: Candidates will want to know there is progression at your company. Make sure you communicate how you help employees develop their skills to progress their careers. 

Compensation and benefits: Salary is still a significant factor in a candidate choosing one role over another, but other benefits such as a day off for your birthday or subscriptions to wellbeing apps or a gym can help you stand out from your hiring competitors. 

5. Don’t procrastinate 

The world of recruitment moves fast, so don’t hang around when hiring. If you find your perfect candidate, move quickly to secure them and take them off the market. Take too long, and your hiring competitor will snap them up. 

Zoom Recruitment: Your recruitment partner 

Whether you’re looking for the next step in your career journey or want to attract the best talent for your business, Zoom Recruitment can help. 

With extensive knowledge and experience in the sectors we serve, we deliver traditional recruitment and executive search solutions to ensure we match the right candidate with the right employer. 

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