5 ways to expand your network in 2024

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The modern world thrives on connections, and it is these connections that make the world go round. While networking is far from a new concept, it is a valuable asset to help career growth and development. Networking can be a good way for companies and candidates to engage with one another. 

Over the last few years, we have seen a significant increase in online networking. This shift can be down to a few factors. Firstly, the global pandemic changed the way we work, making it necessary to move such events online. Secondly, the rise in hybrid and remote working has made it more common to network in digital spaces. 

While the increase in connectivity has made it easier to network online, 2024 is anticipated to be one of the biggest years for in-person networking and could lead to more connections, more interactions and of course more opportunities. 

Here, the experts at Zoom Recruitment at five ways you can expand your network in 2024:

1. Attend networking events

From networking meetings to trade shows and exhibitions, attending these types of networking events, whether digital or in-person, can help you broaden your knowledge and meet new people within your industry. Candidates can potentially open the door to opportunities with companies, while companies can use the opportunity to attract the best talent. 

2. Be strategic

The adage quality over quantity has never been more accurate than when it comes to networking. Rather than taking a scattergun approach to networking, take a more focused approach. Highlight who you want to get in front of and devise a strategy to help you achieve this. Whether this includes connecting with professionals on LinkedIn or attending industry events to make an introduction in person. 

3. Find a common ground 

Make the most of digital communities to find common ground and strike a connection with like-minded professionals. Whether this is an alumni community or perhaps an industry group, having a shared experience or interest can provide endless networking opportunities. It is important to also review who you already know. There could be valuable connections lying dormant in your network. 

4. Offer value 

When networking, offering value from the start can help you stand out. Showcase your skill set, experience and working ethics to demonstrate your value. Take the approach of what you can do for your network rather than what they can do for you to help make a lasting impression and open the door to new conversations, connections and opportunities. 

5. Develop your skills

Whether online or in person, attending training sessions, webinars or courses can help you expand not only your skills but also your network. Meeting like-minded professionals in this way can be hugely beneficial, there is already a shared experience and common ground which can help you network with professionals that align with your values. 

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