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More people are working from home than ever before. Following the government’s guidelines to travel into work if only absolutely necessary, more and more businesses are realising that working from home could be a new normal for the future.

Working from home certainly has its benefits – including the cost saved travelling to and from work and being able to put your washing out on your lunch break. Not to mention being home when those all-important Amazon deliveries arrive. But for many, working from home can become isolating, unsociable, and often repetitive. 
Good mental wellbeing is a vital ingredient to your happiness in any role. Here we share our top tips on how to work from home whilst looking after your mental health.

1. Set your alarm as if you were going to work

According to mental health charity, Mind, providing structure to your day helps you to feel grounded. Setting your alarm also prevents you from rushing around before your working day begins, which reduces stress.

2. Stick to a routine

Create a routine for your working week. This should include getting showered and dressed, having lunch at the same time each day and going to bed at roughly the same time. Being well-rested contributes to good mental health.

3. Get closer to nature

Going for a short walk before you start your day or during your lunch break really contributes to positive well-being. Scientists are beginning to find evidence that strolling in a woodland or park relieves more stress than walking around a city centre. If you can’t make it outside, though, listening to nature sounds can have a similar effect.

4. Find a quiet, bright place to work

Choose to work in a room that has minimal distractions, with plenty of natural daylight. You want your working environment to make you feel good. A small plant or a scented candle could help too.

5. Keep in touch with colleagues

Stay in touch with colleagues throughout the week, via video conferencing or phone calls. This is a great way to stay motivated and still feel like you’re a part of the team.

6. Keep moving

Gentle exercise does wonders for mental health. Taking as little as ten minutes to get moving can give you a real boost. There are plenty of free apps or YouTube videos you can use to get you started.

7. Speak to someone

If you’re still concerned about how you’re feeling then speak to a manager or colleague. The chances are, you won’t be alone and help will be available.

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