Productive Team

Compelling research from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has revealed that professional recruitment agencies increase UK productivity by £7.7 billion each year. By using their expertise to get people into the right jobs, the study has shown that recruiters are having a huge positive impact on individual business’s efficiencies and profits.

Finding skilled and experienced individuals is no easy feat, but by creating better matches between employer and employee, recruiters are helping businesses to deliver. We also know that the overall cost of a bad hire is around three times higher than the salary paid. The REC’s mission is to motivate more UK businesses to abandon wasteful approaches and consider recruitment as a core part of their operations and processes.

The study also revealed that ‘expertise in a specific sector’ came out as the top services that companies found most valuable. This was closely followed by ‘access to a diverse pool of candidates’. It is with our clients in mind that Zoom Recruitment is pleased to offer specialist recruitment services within the commercial, driver, industrial and NHS sectors. Having specialised within these areas for many years, we believe we have a firm and thorough understanding of the nature of each sector, the businesses and their requirements. We have also built key relationships within each of these sectors and have a reliable, dedicated and talented pool of individuals, many of which can be available at short notice.

Employing a recruiter that has the right industry accreditations comes with many further advantages. In line with being a government framework supplier, Zoom Recruitment complies with all necessary procurement regulations and is heavily audited on a frequent basis. As a regular NHS and public sector recruitment provider, Zoom is also part of the Crown Commercial Services framework. This allows us to service governing bodies, councils and hospitals, supporting efficient and cost-effective methods, throughout the UK.

Another key takeaway from the study is that, in the UK, a new permanent role is filled by a recruiter every 21 seconds. The recruitment industry supports over 300,000 unemployed people every year in securing a permanent role. That said, our focus on quality over quantity is imperative. We recognise that those matches that fulfill every need of both the business and employee are invaluable.

Boost your business’s productivity and choose Zoom Recruitment Services as your specialist recruiter. Our team are contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are on hand to support both employer and employee. Get in touch to discuss a particular role, or even multiples roles, that need filling.

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