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Let’s be honest, it’s normal for there to be days where staff lack motivation. After all, while we can all try and provide the best workplace for our employees, nowhere is 100 per cent perfect, seven days of the week. Lack of motivation becomes more of a problem when it’s reoccurring or regular. Whether you’re an international brand, or a small, local business, our team of experts at Zoom Recruitment have put together seven ways to help you boost motivation in the workplace.

Positive Vibes

We admit it’s difficult for anyone to stay positive all the time but as a business owner, or team leader, you are responsible for uplifting the mood in your workplace.

While there’s a time and a place for challenging or constructive conversations, it’s important that the workplace environment is built on a foundation of positivity and happiness. If you can create a network of positivity, this will be reflected in their attitude to work.

Encourage Team Spirit

With more and more people working remotely or flexibly, it’s proving difficult for teams to feel like a team anymore. Even if they’re choosing to work from home, staff like to be supported by colleagues, so create ways for your employees to feel united, even if they’re not necessarily together. Team away days, weekly meetings, to something as simple as a team WhatsApp group, are all great ways to keep morale and motivation between colleagues on a high.

Recognition Is Key

It’s no secret that employees want to be recognised for their hard work – regardless of the industry they’re in. In fact, research shows that more than 90 per cent of people feel recognition at work is important, with 48 per cent revealing that a simple ‘thank you’ would be enough. In this day and age, we’re all too quick to pull people up for their mistakes, so make sure you recognise their good work too. It’s amazing how much of an impact just saying thank you to staff can have.

Set Achievable Goals

All staff should have goals to work towards, mainly for professional development. However, it’s vital to make sure these goals are achievable and realistic. Introducing unachievable goals is nothing but demoralising. Better still, having clear, achievable goals that staff can tick off and aim for, will keep them motivated and on the right track.

Celebrating Achievements

OK, so you’ve set your team a whole host of goals but do nothing when they achieve them? No wonder they’re feeling deflated. Keep staff motivated by celebrating their achievements, even the smallest ones. We’re not saying you need to pop open the bubbly every hour but what we are saying is, send out an email recognising an employees achievement – and let his or her colleagues know too. Not only will this keep the employee you’re recognising motivated but it will inspire and encourage the team around them too.

Statistics show that on average, 62 per cent of employees feel unappreciated by their boss. So appreciate them, and their achievements.

Introduce Rewards

To really boost motivation, why not introduce a reward system? Budget dependant, you might want to consider vouchers or prizes for employees who reach specific targets. Alternatively, you could put the names of all staff who meet their goals into a hat, then pick a name randomly every month, to prevent the same people from receiving awards all the time.

Encourage Healthy Working

From taking regular breaks, to getting that desired work-life balance, there are plenty of ways you can help encourage a healthy environment in your workplace. Whether it’s getting some much-needed fresh air, to getting home to eat a meal with their family, healthy working can only lead to one thing, a more motivated team.

Ultimately, boosting motivation in the workplace comes with many benefits, not only for your staff but for your business too. Simply put, the positive attitude of staff will be reflected in the work they do for you. At Zoom Recruitment, we’re more than just a recruitment agency. We support our clients throughout the entire recruitment journey and beyond, helping them create a supportive environment for their employees, and better still, securing a higher rate of staff retention.

If you’re looking to recruit, then contact Zoom Recruitment.

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