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If there was ever a good time to apply for a HGV – or lorry driver – job, it’s now. Why? If you haven’t heard, some companies are offering as much as £60,000 to lorry drivers signing on to work for them. Triggered by an ongoing national shortage of drivers, the struggle to recruit continues, which has led to a boost in pay for workers, with even some newly qualified drivers reportedly starting on a wage of £35,000.

Lorry driver salary rises to above national average wage

In fact, according to statistics, the average salary of a lorry driver is now around £30,200, which is £600 – or 2 per cent – higher than the UK’s national average wage. This number has jumped from around £25,000, which was the average annual salary for lorry drivers 10 years ago.

Furthermore, not only are lorry drivers pretty much guaranteed an attractive pay packet at the end of each month, a lot of businesses are offering additional pay incentives and training packages too, by way of enticing employees to join or stay in the industry.

What seems to have caused the national shortage of lorry drivers?

Earlier this year, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) survey of its members estimated that there was a shortage of more than 100,000 qualified drivers across the UK. And while, we could all blame the coronavirus pandemic entirely for causing the shortage – due to a delay in thousands of driving tests for hopeful drivers – it’s worth noting that the industry was already falling short of 60,000 drivers pre-Covid.

Undoubtedly, Brexit has had a huge impact on the lack of lorry drivers getting behind the wheel in the UK, for multiple reasons, including issues surrounding many European workers returning to their home countries, or deciding to work elsewhere and then not being able to return.

And, while the whole of Europe seems to have suffered when it comes to lorry driver recruitment, it seems that the UK has been hit hardest. This is primarily because drivers across the EU have the flexibility to move between each country, while it’s not that easy for the UK’s single market.

How has the shortage triggered a rise in wages?

When it comes to lorry driver wages, it comes down to one thing: the laws of supply and demand.

The worry ultimately is that with so many of the things we use and need in life – including the likes of fuel, food, or clothes – coming into the UK on the back of a lorry, if there are no drivers, the flow of those goods will stop.

Simply put, businesses cannot afford for the flow of goods to stop and therefore, the only solution seems to be boosting the attractiveness of the job – which means ramping up those wages. Even smaller firms are having to compete to stay on the road, with some firms said to have given their drivers a 25 per cent pay rise.

Drive your way into a better salary

If great pay, an irresistible job package and the freedom of being on the road all day is what you’re after, then becoming a HGV driver could be the best decision you ever make.

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